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Pediatric Occupational Therapy services

Rooted Occupational Therapy

Amber Beckloff, OTR/L


I am an occupational therapist local to Florence, AL. I serve pediatric to young adult populations, and specialize in sensory integration, reflex integration, and emotional regulation. I have training in MNRI for reflex integration, and I'm looking forward to continuing studying in this area! 

I prefer to see development and therapy with a bottom-up approach. Much like a tree must have healthy roots to flourish, I believe we must first nourish the nervous system for regulation and optimal functioning prior for our bodies to operate with the best capacity. 


Evaluations, treatment, and home/community sessions



Evaluations last approximately 1 hour. Your primary concerns will be discussed and assessed. Together, we will create a plan of care to serve you and your family best to meet the goals that matter most to you. 


Treatment will last 45- 60 minutes. Depending on your need, we will review progress from last session and address any new difficulties that may arise. During each session, we will use sensory play, reflex integration exercises, and other activities to reach goals.

Home/Community Sessions

Home and community sessions last approximately 60 minutes and are conducted at a private pay rate. These sessions are used to target goals in a natural, daily environment such as your house or school. Feel free to ask for more details. 

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